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Norwalk is working on an Affordable Housing Action Plan to assess the City’s affordable housing needs and address their potential economic, environmental, and social equity impacts. The State of Connecticut defines “affordable rental and home ownership uni ts” as housing that costs no more than 30% of a household’s income.

The Affordable Housing Action Plan will help the City to identify the different levels and types of affordable housing needed, while providing guidance and direction on how to achieve that . The intent of the Plan is also to meet the State mandated 8-30j regulation and any updates to the regulation that are made during the planning process. There is currently a State Commission reviewing the requirements of the State mandated affordable housing plan, so we expect there will be changes to this RFP.

Plan Goals

  • An inventory of the City’s existing housing and its current conditions
  • An analysis of housi ng needs, cost, and affordability
  • Trends in housing costs and housing development
  • A projection of housing needs for the medium – (next 5 years) and long – term (10 years).
  • A comparison between housing trends and housing needs
  • An analysis of the City’s h ousing programs and tools, including a gap analysis, their effectiveness in meeting goals, how well they are targeted towards housing needs and how they can be improved
  • A desirable development scenario with input from the city, the public and other stakeholders
  • Strategies to safeguard housing affordability and increase economic opportunity for current and future residents
  • Comprehensive implementation strategy and timeline, based on the affordable housing scenarios
  • Guidebook to affordable housing in Norwalk for residents and government officials

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