Planning our Future. Together

Through Norwalk Tomorrow, the City of Norwalk is planning for our future. This website brings together information on current planning initiatives and all the ways that you can participate in planning to make Norwalk the best place to live, work, and visit. What do we want to preserve, what do we want to change? What kinds of housing, transportation and parking will we need? What kinds of new businesses do we want to attract? How can we better protect our natural resources and environment? What’s YOUR vision for Norwalk’s future?

This site is all about you. You can stay informed about the City’s planning efforts and initiatives and participate in shaping Norwalk’s future. You will find plenty of opportunities both on this website and at scheduled forums to learn and share your insights.

Be a Part of the Future

You live here. You work here. It's your city and your future. Everyone who makes up the fabric of Norwalk - residents, business owners, employees, visitors, and city officials - can contribute their insights, ideas, and hopes for Norwalk's future.

Be part of our shared vision for the future to make sure we become the city we want to be.

A Message from the Mayor

What makes Norwalk so great? You! Join NORWALK TOMORROW, an interactive and informational website dedicated to planning for the City of Norwalk! Use this site to keep up to date with the citywide 10-year plan (Plan of Conservation & Development) and other planning initiatives such as the redevelopment of different Norwalk neighborhoods or parking. And find out how you can participate in these planning efforts.

We are committed to an open and transparent process so that everybody has a chance to bring their ideas and experience to these plans. There will be many opportunities to participate – including public workshops, drop-in open houses, surveys, community forums, and online discussions. The more people participate in this planning process, the better Norwalk will be! We encourage you to share this website with your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow workers. Please join us in creating an even more successful Norwalk Tomorrow!

Mayor Harry W. Rilling - Norwalk, CT