Transportation, Mobility & Parking

Transportation, mobility and parking (TMP) are integral and vital parts of any city, helping to drive business, economic development and quality of life for residents and visitors. TMP affects a diverse range of people with different needs, from the commuter who is trying to get to the train or bus on time or driving to get to work, to the truck drivers making deliveries to businesses, to the parent getting a child to school, to the senior citizen who needs help getting to the doctor, to the visitor looking to shop, dine or visit an entertainment venue in town.

Planning for TMP ensures that these needs are addressed for all in Norwalk, through ways such as:

  • Connectivity between neighborhoods, business districts and transportation hubs
  • Sustainable transportation options
  • Traffic flow improvements
  • Safe routes to schools
  • Sufficient on and off-street parking capacity
  • ADA and accessibility requirements
  • Wayfinding, both on the street and via applications
  • Mobility alternatives such as bike share, on-demand transportation and micro transit mobility
  • Parking space/curb management
  • Flexible facilities/adaptive reuse
  • Seamless payment options

TMP Collaborates and coordinates with city, state, and federal agencies, city departments, and private entities to meet short and long term transportation, mobility and parking planning needs for those who work, live and do business in Norwalk.



Current Planning Efforts

Existing Plans