East Norwalk Transit-Oriented Development

Access to transportation alternatives, such as rail, is one of the most significant drivers of economic growth and can help create a more sustainable community. Norwalk is currently seeing this type of development around the South Norwalk Train Station and the Merritt-7 Station. However, the East Norwalk rail station sites have seen stagnant or little growth, despite the station being the next stop from the South Norwalk train station. While the development of this area is important to the City, the type and scale of development occurring at South Norwalk and Merritt-7 is probably not appropriate for East Norwalk.

In order to determine what the future of the area around the East Norwalk rail stations should look like, the City is embarking on a planning study to create a vision for the future and help guide recommendations for appropriate uses for the land and scale of market-supportable, development in the East Avenue area surrounding the train station. The City has chosen the Harriman Group to assist them with establishing the vision and soon will begin the study in earnest. More information on the Harriman group can be found at Harriman.com

The final plan elements will include:

  • Land Use
  • Economic Development
  • Preservation/Adaptive Reuse
  • Conservation
  • Urban Design
  • Public and Green Spaces
  • Parking
  • Traffic Circulation
  • Infrastructure

This study will be the next step in the City’s growth toward a modern, sustainable city that offers multiple modes of transportation, allowing people to live, work and play in an environment that maximizes the potential of the City, without sacrificing the historical and other unique elements that make Norwalk a cherished place.

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The East Norwalk TOD Oversight Committee is still soliciting feedback on the draft recommendations for the study area. Simply download the comment card and review the boards. Where you have comments on questions on items, simply note that on the comments section on the bottom of the card. If you have questions or comments or wish to submit information, please reply to Steve Kleppin, Director of Planning & Zoning at steven.kleppin3@gmail.com You can also submit written materials to the Planning and Zoning Department at City Hall to the attention of Steve Kleppin.

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Have A Say In Your Norwalk, Your Future

The City is already partnering with the Third Taxing District, the East Norwalk Neighborhood Association and the East Norwalk Business Association on the East Norwalk Transit Oriented Development study. Planning will also include conversations with real estate and economic development professionals, as well as input from businesses and City representatives - and area residents like you!  

If you have any questions about the planning efforts, contact Steve Kleppin, Director, Norwalk Planning and Zoning, at skleppin@norwalkct.org or (203) 854-7780

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Other Planning Efforts

Along with and helping to shape the East Avenue Transit Oriented Development Plan, the city is also conducting a Citywide Plan/POCD, a Wall Street/West Avenue and Washington Street/South Main neighborhoods Plan as well as a citywide Parking study.