Industrial Zones

Industrial zones are areas of a city that are designated for industrial uses and heavy commercial activities. As part of Norwalk’s recently completed 10-year Citywide Plan for 2019-2029, the City has undertaken a reassessment of its industrial zones. The study takes a closer look at these zones as key resources for allowing further economic diversification and creating job growth.

The industrial zone study answers several key questions and provides guidance on the following issues, among others:

  1. Are the areas currently zoned “industrial” appropriate for “industrial” uses? Should some be rezoned for other uses more appropriate for the neighborhood?
  2. What factors might deter future “industrial” growth in Norwalk?
  3. How do we take advantage of Norwalk’s harbor to increase commercial activity, while ensuring this City asset is something that can be utilized and enjoyed by all Norwalk residents?
  4. What are the infrastructure (roadways, sanitation, energy, etc.) constraints or limitations that may be preventing the desired commercial expansion?
  5. How do we foster craft industry growth in the City and ensure that thriving business expand and remain in Norwalk?
  6. What are other communities in the Northeast similar to Norwalk doing to attract commercial and manufacturing companies as well as new tech and green manufacturing companies?

Industrial Zoned Properties Map »

Industrial Zoned Properties by Land Use »

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