Who will produce the Citywide Plan / POCD?

October 26, 2017

Members of the Oversight Committee convened by the Mayor, including the Planning Commission:

  • Erik Anderson (Board of Ed.)
  • Robert Barron (Finance)
  • Brian Baxendale (Planning Commission)
  • Todd Bryant (Norwalk Preservation Trust)
  • Lisa Burns (DPW)
  • Alexis Cherichetti (Conservation)
  • Deanna D’Amore (Health Dpt.)
  • David Davidson (Planning Commission)
  • Fran DiMeglio (Planning Commission, Chair)
  • Steve Ferguson (Planning Commission)
  • Brian Griffin (Chamber of Commerce)
  • John Igneri (Council)
  • Jeffrey Ingraham (Fair Housing Advisory)
  • Laoise King (Mayor’s Office)
  • Nora King (Planning Commission)
  • Steven Kleppin (P&Z Staff)
  • Allen Kolkowitz (Resident, Architect)
  • John Kydes (Council)
  • Tammy Langalis (Planning Commission)
  • Diane Lauricella (CNNA)
  • Michael Mushak (Planning Commission)
  • Adolph Neaderland (CNNA)
  • Harry Rilling (Mayor)
  • Nancy Rosett (Bike/Walk Commission)
  • Jan Schaefer (Harbor Mgt. Commission)
  • Louis Schulman (Zoning Commission)
  • Tim Sheehan (Redevelopment)
  • Geoffrey Steadman (Harbor Mgt. Commission)
  • Margaret Suib (Fair Housing)
  • Tami Strauss (Redevelopment)
  • Nate Sumpter (Zoning Commission)
  • Dori Wilson (P&Z Staff)
  • Mike Wrinn (P&Z Staff)

Consultant team:  Stantec (lead consultant); Hodge Economic Consulting (economic development)

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