South Norwalk Train Station Area Study

The Norwalk Redevelopment Agency is implementing its Norwalk TOD Redevelopment plan. Part of this plan includes a study of the area surrounding the South Norwalk train station. Under the guidance of Norwalk Redevelopment Agency and the City of Norwalk, a study of approximately 26 acres surrounding the South Norwalk Train Station has been adopted.



The study was conducted in two phases. Phase One established baseline conditions for the South Norwalk train station area by looking at the following:

  • The highest, best use of the area
  • Accommodating affordable housing (at a 1:1 ratio)
  • Parking and infrastructure needs and limitations
  • Opportunities for public/private partnerships that can support the recommendations of the study
  • Improvements to the Lexington Avenue Historic District through façade upgrades and development
  • Improving connections between the neighborhood and the train station
  • Incorporating findings from this South Norwalk train station plan into the larger South Norwalk Transit-oriented development plan

Phase Two of the South Norwalk Train Station Area Study established more concrete details based on the findings of Phase I including:

  • The appropriate density, massing, building, and streetscape design within the existing redevelopment plan and existing zoning for SoNo Station Design District
  • The impact of COVID-19 on current market demand and construction cost viability
  • The potential for establishing a multimodal transportation hub at the South Norwalk train station, including the feasibility of:
    • Relocating the bus station hub near the train station
    • Improving accommodations for pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, pick-up and drop-off vehicles
    • Adding on-demand transportation, micro-transit, and fixed route uses
    • The economic benefits and impacts of the recommended development options

The study was a coordinated effort between the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency, the City, and residents and business owners in South Norwalk.

On February 25, 2021 and January 12, 2022, public meetings were held to discuss the South Norwalk Station Area Study findings and final report. The meetings included an informational presentation and an opportunity for participants to share comments and ask questions.

To access recordings of these meetings, review the slide show presentations or access the final report, please visit the Norwalk Redevelopment website or click below:

February 25, 2021 Public Meeting (Video)

January 12, 2022 Public Meeting (Video)

January 12, 2022 Public Meeting (PDF)

South Norwalk Station Area Study Final Report (PDF)

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