As predictions of sea level rise prevail, what is Norwalk doing to counter these effects to its coast?

July 30, 2020

Within the last 5 years there has been an interest in researching and implementing vegetation buffers to the coast of Norwalk. Since the coast of Norwalk is a vital community asset, protecting it is imperative to the city’s future. Some pros to implementing a vegetation buffer are, it can lower erosion and control sedimentation, protect the coastline, and prevent more built structures within the coast. However, there are many hurdles to overcome in order to efficiently enact this regulation. The following concerns for this project:

  • Large portions of preexisting harden shorefronts.
  • Effects of a vegetation buffer the use of each parcel on the coast  (commercial vs. residential)
  • The potential of creating non-conforming structures.
  • Increased cost to homeowner who would be held responsible to create a buffer.

See Chapter 9 of the Citywide Plan. Based on the scenarios outlined in the Citywide Plan, Norwalk intends to prepare a coastal resiliency plan that addresses these issues and provides a roadmap for the City to handle these issues going forward.