Drivers are speeding in my neighborhood. What can be done?

July 30, 2020

There is no single solution for speeding on residential streets. Speeding vehicles, especially in neighborhoods can be frustrating, dangerous, and make residents feel unsafe. Please do your part to drive at or below the speed limit. Especially take special care near schools, daycares, playgrounds, parks and areas with decreased visibility.

Most vehicles are travelling at or below the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, occasionally there are speed limit violations. Many times, these speeders are people from your neighborhood. So do your part and spread awareness about speeding. This can be an effective measure against it. Speak with your neighbors, host block parties and set a good example by following established speed limits.

One of the most important factors in determining speed is the driver’s perception of the road environment and of what speed is safe to drive. These factors are often used in setting speed limits. Artificially low speed limits are difficult to enforce.

Report recurring, excessive speeding in your neighborhood to Norwalk Customer Service at 203-854-3200.

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