How can I get involved?

Participate in planning Norwalk’s future! Go to the Get Involved page to sign up for email notices on Citywide Plan activities and the News & Events to find out about events. As the plan gets underway, you can find maps, analysis, reports, and documents for comment on the Resources page.

What is Norwalk Tomorrow and this website?

The City of Norwalk created this Norwalk Tomorrow website as a long-term platform to provide information and encourage public participation in the City’s planning initiatives.

I received a parking ticket, what do I do?

Please click here to pay Please click here to appeal

I’m commuting to New York, what are my parking options?

You can park daily at:
  • South Norwalk Train Station –7 days/week
  • East Norwalk Train Station
  • Or apply for permit; click here

Is there daily parking at the South or East Norwalk Train Station?

  • Yes, daily parking fee for the South Norwalk Train Station is $12 per day
  • East Norwalk Train Station Monday through Friday, permit only parking. Saturday through Sunday, parking fee is $8.00 daily

Does Norwalk boot cars?

Yes, when you have two or more outstanding parking tickets.

How long can I stay in an on-street parking area?

The posted time limits are typically 2 hours. Except long-term meters on Monroe, Madison and Henry Streets around the South Norwalk Railroad Station, and 30 minute parking on Mott Avenue adjacent to the Main Library and in front of the Post Office on Belden Avenue. Please check posted signs upon parking.

If I display a handicap permit do I have to pay?

Yes, you still have to pay for parking.

Does the permit guarantee a parking space?

No, we do not assign parking spaces. A monthly permit offers parking at a discounted rate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do I have to be a Norwalk resident to get a monthly permit?

No, there are no residency requirements.