2022 Neighborhood Assistance Act Proposals Due 5:00 pm

May 6


If you are a non-profit organization who conducts a program in Norwalk, CT then you might be interested in participating in Connecticut’s Department of Revenue Services’ Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA). To participate, an organization must complete Form NAA-01 , the program proposal application. Norwalk Redevelopment Agency will be accepting completed forms on behalf of the City of Norwalk. The deadline to email a form to Katie O’Leary at koleary@norwalkct.org is 5:00 p.m. May 6, 2022.  

The fillable Form NAA-01 is now available and can be access by following the link below or visiting the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services’ website or Norwalk Redevelopment Agency’s website.  


Connecticut’s Neighborhood Assistance Act program provides a tax credit to businesses that make cash investments in qualifying community programs conducted by tax exempt or municipal agencies. The community programs must be approved by both the municipality in which the programs are conducted and by Connecticut’s Department of Revenue Services. 

A tax exempt organization that is interested in participating in the NAA Program must first complete in its entirety Form NAA-01. This form must be submitted to the municipality where the tax exempt organization’s program is conducted. All approved applications will then be sent to the CT Department of Revenue for another round of reviews. 

Businesses wishing to participate must complete Form NAA-02 and submit it directly to the Department of Revenue Services between September 15th and October 1st. Organizations whose program proposal application has been approved by DRS are welcome to encourage businesses to consider sponsoring their program and inform them to submit Form NAA-02 electronically when it becomes available on the DRS website. 

Additional information about the Neighborhood Assistance Act for both organizations and businesses is available on the Department of Revenue Services’ website  and by calling 860-297-5687 or emailing naaprogram@ct.gov . If you have questions about submitting an application to Norwalk, please contact Katie at  koleary@norwalkct.org

Completed program proposal applications must be sent via email to koleary@norwalkct.org before 5 p.m. on May 6, 2022.