Bike/Walk Commission Looking for Public Input on Walking in the City

September 25, 2020

Norwalk walking surveyOne of the few positive effects of the COVID pandemic is the increase in the number of people walking. Encouraging the ease and use of alternative modes of transportation in Norwalk like biking and walking through improvements such as bike paths and walking trails is a goal of Norwalk’s recent Citywide Plan. To further this goal, the Pedestrian Subcommittee of the Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission wants to better understand how Norwalkers walk around the City. They are looking for feedback from the public via a new survey. The survey is open until Friday, October 9th. The results of this survey will be used to prioritize projects in the future.


About the Bike/Walk Commission

The Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission was established in 2017 to support bicycling and walking as safe, accessible, and sustainable forms of transportation and recreation in the City. Since then, the Commission has worked to promote biking and walking in Norwalk with initiatives such as providing better signage and more bicycle parking, instituting bike routes, launching neighborhood walking groups, and publishing walking and biking maps. 

Making Norwalk a bike and pedestrian-friendly city is not just good for public health. Cities that make their streets safe and appealing for walkers and cyclists benefit the environment and improve the livability and economic vitality of a city.